Day 1. The first step towards Career. With Basic Information of Technology.

Hello everyone,

I am Pankaj Singh Rathore, and I feel very energetic, glad and pleasured because today is my first day in Tarzan Skills. I join this organization to fulfilling my dreams and also proof of my birth on this earth can help or provide a solution to problems present on this earth. I know it seems too crazy but this is only a reality of my life.

So. Let’s Start…

Today, many guys like me have a dream to developed something innovative. but lack of knowledge we cant go for it or we will try and got a failure. so here Tarzonskills can help us to enhance our knowledge and experience in a real-time developed world with our new teammates.

Here are some basic topics we discussed today. hope it will help you….

  • What is StackOverflow?
  • What are Github and Git?
  • What is Linux?
  • Some basic commands of Linux.
  • What is Python?
  • Hands-on practice of python.
  • What is StackOverflow?

StackOverflow is a community for asking and giving questions and answers related to your technical problems. here it doesn’t matter you are a beginner or a professional you can ask anything without hesitation. you can easily search StackOverflow on google and just create an account and boost up your skills.

  • What are Github and Git?

Github is also a community but here you can’t ask any questions and answers because here you can share your own script, codes, repository with your team and the world. it is an open-source community you also can access the other people’s codes and try to modify and present on the same platform for modification. So you guys can also join the community just by creating an account in the community.

Now if I talked about Git, it’s also a part of a Github, if we go for it as simpler in my language. its also called a command through which we can able access the present directory on the Github community in the different operating systems. but before accessing the files on OS we have to install Git on it whatever operating system you used windows, Linux and Mac.

Some basic commands of git we used today.

1. git-clone (used for cloning the present repository on Github to our local system).

ex — git clone

Here in this URL (pankajrathore9599) is an accessing user account from where we have to clone the repo. and in second part (samplerepo.git) this is a present repo in a user account.

2. git-config (this is used to configure your Github account on your local machine)

3. git-status (this command can display the condition of your files in the present repo )

4. git-commit ( this command is used to convert the hexadecimal present commit values to the readable form for the other user while making a new code or file, we can also call a message which is bound up with files)

5. git-add (this command is used to file in a staging area for pushing it up to the cloud and local machine)

6. git-push (this command is used to push the new file to the cloud account of Github)

  • What is Linux?

Linux is an open-source operating system with its own independent environment. for the development and execution. there are many types of Linux operating systems revealed in the world. which is based on Debian, mint, and gnome.

  • Some basic Commands of Linux
  1. ls (this is used to listing the files)
  2. ls -a ( this is used to list the hidden files)
  3. pwd ( to check the current worked directory)
  4. mkdir (used to make a new directory)
  5. rmdir (remove the directory)
  6. sudo apt updates && upgrade ( to update your system patches and software)
  7. man (this command is used to see the manual of any executable commands in the system)
  • What is Python?

Python is interpreted as a high-level programming language for developing the various software, websites, web applications, security patches and also widely used in machine learning and artificial intelligence now a day. python is very simpler as compared to other high-level programming languages.

Python IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment)

  1. Pycharm Community.
  2. Atom.
  3. Sublime Text.
  4. Visual Studio Code.
  • Hands-on practice of python.
  1. for print any statement in python.

print(“Hello World”)

2. print any statement using one print statement vertically.

print(“”,”home”,”alphine”,”tarzan”,”helloWorld”,””, sep= “\”)

3. print using another separator.

print(“root”,” child”,” node”, sep=”->”)

4. print the one statement into three lines.


5. print three different statement into a one line.

print(“one”,”two”,”three”, sep=”,”, end=””)



So, Guys here I discuss these all things today in the session this is just a basic command in next I will show you with examples.

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